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Immersive Group Gaming

Updated: April 20 2021

The safety of our guests and team members is our number one priority. Each Gamebox is reserved for one group at a time, offering a private experience to ensure a safe and fun experience. Based on city and state guidelines, we have implemented a number of health and safety measures for your visit to provide you with the safest experience possible.

We are doing everything we can to keep your experience as safe and enjoyable as it should be!

  • You will need to check in online before you arrive – look out for an email the day before your experience. 📧
  • We’re staggering start times to limit the amount of contact between groups in the lobby. While we’ll still welcome walk-ins where we have availability, we’ll still be adhering to strict social distancing between groups. 🖐
  • Gameboxes (walls, floor, door), visors, lockers, and toilets will be fully cleaned between each group’s session and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the venue. 🧴
  • The Immersive Gamebox team members will be on-site to help and to enhance your experience, but will remain at least 6ft away from groups at all times and will wear masks. 😷

Important arrival information

  • CHECK-IN IN ADVANCE – Check your email the day before arrival and follow the instructions to check-in in advance. 📧
  • BE ON TIME – Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your allocated start time.  ⏰
  • FOLLOW TEAM INSTRUCTIONS: When you arrive, please wait for our team to provide you with a briefing and take you to your Gamebox. 🖐
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Immersive Gamebox adheres with local city and state guidelines. We still encourage you to wear a face covering when you arrive at our venues and until you enter your Gamebox. While in public areas we also ask you to maintain social distancing (remaining 6ft away from other guests). Once in your private Gamebox, you will not be required to wear a face covering when with your own family/friends. 😷

Arriving for your booking 10 minutes before your allotted start will mean you can be fully briefed and ready to start your experience on time, and will help us to ensure that there is no crossover between you and another group. If you are running late the best thing to do is turn up as close to your booking time as possible. Our team will do everything they can to get you into a Gamebox, however please note that you may be required to play a shorter game. 



Do we have to wear a face covering while playing? 
Immersive Gamebox adheres with local city and state guidelines. We encourage you to wear a face covering when you arrive at our venues and until you enter your Gamebox. Given that the Gameboxes are wholly contained and you are then playing with your own social bubble, you can then remove them (if you wish) to play. We ask that you put your face covering back on to leave the venue.   

If I feel sick or are displaying symptoms can I reschedule my tickets?
To put your mind at rest, all bookings offer quibble-free cancellation until 24 hours before your visit. Contact us at [email protected]

Can I book a single ticket and be partnered with others to play?
At this time we require all guests to enter the games with their own family or friend social groups. We allow groups of 2-6 players.

Can a group play an adventure while socially distant from each other? 
While it is technically possible (there is enough space for a group to be 6ft from each other while standing still in the Gamebox), the nature of the games will make this difficult. As such, groups should be made up of family or friends within your social bubble. 

Are the Gameboxes being cleaned between sessions?
Yes, the Gameboxes including walls, floor, doors, visors, lockers and toilets will be fully cleaned between each group’s session. 

Will hand sanitizer be available?
Yes, hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the venue. 

What about members of the Immersive Gamebox team? 
To ensure the safety of both our staff and guests, all staff members will be required to wear a face covering, maintain social distancing and will have access to hand sanitizer.   

Have any other questions in regards to our safety measures? 
We’d be happy to help. Visit our Contact us page.

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