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Immersive Group Gaming

Our process will focus on ticking the boxes and ensuring you have the business acumen and financial backing required to make your Immersive Gamebox franchise a success but we’ll also be using this time to suss each other out and ensure that everyone feels that personalities fit.


The approval process will be formed of the following steps:


1. Application
No one loves a form but this application will enable you to share the most pertinent information about you and your business background which means nobody’s time is wasted with further stages if we’re just not meant to be.


2. Meet Us
We’ll set up a mixture of personality fit interviews, opportunities for you to impress us with your business prowess and chances for you to ask us (and key members of the team) questions about our set-up and how things work. Dependent on location, some of these may be remote meetings however a key part of this stage will also be a Discovery Day at our London HQ which will include elements of the franchisee due diligence process and the chance for you to size us up too.


Once we’ve been through these steps, we’ll know if we’re going to be a good fit and – subject to payment of the Franchise Fee and the Franchise Agreement being signed – you’ll start your Immersive Gamebox journey with a minimum of 2 weeks training at HQ (travel and accommodation to be covered by you). You’ll have access to key members of the team to ask questions and then the ongoing support and development will commence as you get ready for the big launch. Your very own Immersive Gamebox.

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We want a partner who is as excited by our vision as we are and who wants to get involved in our journey as we become the premier, immersive experience across the globe (who said we didn’t have grand ambitions?).


More specifically, we’d like the following attributes in our perfect partner:


Significant Business Experience

Someone who can demonstrate successful growth, development, and marketing of multiple business units through ownership or management.



Well-funded with the financial capability to launch and grow their Immersive Gamebox franchise beyond an initial 3x location roll-out, and see ahead of the current P&L.


Real Estate

Someone with experience of site selection and understanding of customer demographics within a retail or hospitality environment.


Business Plan

The ability and experience to develop and execute a business plan and manage finances including a thorough understanding of business financial statements.


Team & Talent

The capability to effectively manage a business that recruits, train and motivates its employees to deliver an exceptional Immersive Gamebox guest experience.


High Ethical Standards

A reputation for honest business dealings.