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Immersive Group Gaming

The perfect activity for school groups 

Are you looking for an immersive activity for your class that everyone will enjoy (yes, teachers too)?  Immersive Gamebox is a very popular destination for school trips, whether it’s for pupil rewards, end of year activities, summer camps or enrichment opportunities.


What you get:

•  A 30 or 60 minute immersive experience, chosen from our wide range of games

•  Games suitable for ages 5+

•  Scorecards and team gifs for each group

•  A safe and secure experience, with all rooms monitored by CCTV

•  The option for teachers / educators to join in too


Skill development:

•  Teamwork: Students will be playing in small groups of up to 6.  They will be working as a team to achieve a high score in the game, rather than competing against one another, and will need to help each other.

•  Communication: Good communication skills are key to high scores in the Gamebox (believe us, we’ve watched many adult groups who could have used some practice in this area too).

•  Technology: Immersive Gamebox uses patented technology to provide a truly unique gaming experience.  Students will be able to experience this in practice, and we hope to inspire some of the game designers of the future



Price varies depending on venue, size of group, and length of game played.  Typically, school pricing is £15/$15 per head in the UK for 60 minutes.  Please contact [email protected] for pricing for your group.


How to book:

Please email [email protected]  with the following details, and we will be happy to help you to book and plan your visit.

•  Size of Group (adults + children)

•  Which venue you would like play at

•  Preferred date and time

•  Any special requirements