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Play Angry Birds At Immersive Gamebox

The first multiplayer

Angry Birds slingshot game

Using the latest Electric Pig Trapping technology we have located and zapped the pigs into our dual battle arenas at Immersive Gamebox. Now it’s up to you to defeat them!

Grab your friends and family to play our life-size Angry Birds game. Using 3D motion tracking and touch screens, two players at a time will control the slingshots to launch all your favourite Angry Birds from both sides and take down the piggies once and for all. 

With over 50 levels to play, this game is perfect for friends, work events and families with kids aged 5 and over. 

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What to expect from Angry Birds at Immersive Gamebox

Using cutting edge motion tracking, touch screens, and immersive projection, playing in a Gamebox feels like you’ve stepped into a video game (without needing any bulky headsets).

three game modes – over 50 levels to play

Classic Game

The first 12 levels will feel familiar. Learn to play with each of the Angry Birds as you familiarise yourself with the gameplay and learn the powers each bird possesses. The aim will be to take down the structures and pop all the piggies.


Free The Hatchlings

The aim of this game level is to save your hatchlings from the cages they are trapped in. You have to defeat all the pigs before you can set your hatchlings free. Collect the keys before the time runs out.


Bonus: Boss Level

Every four levels, defeat the boss within the time limit by dropping debris on the boss pigs.



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Cibolo, San Antonio

Grandscape, North Dallas

Woodlands Mall, N. Houston

Deep Ellum, Dallas


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