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Immersive Group Gaming

With a vision to build the world’s first immersive entertainment platform, we use best-in-class technology to create social adventures in interactive smart rooms. Founded by Will Dean, the man behind Tough Mudder, and David Spindler, who conceived and launched the Tough Mudder Bootcamp franchise, Immersive Gamebox brings people together through shared play.

Our Purpose & Vision


We are driven by our desire to unite the world through technology-enabled shared play.  Immersive Gamebox asserts that play is about much more than just having fun. Shared play in particular has the power to bring us together, create bonds and remind us of what it means to be human. We’re challenging the ever-increasing issue of social isolation caused by technology and flipping it on its head. We’re aspiring to make technology work for us collectively, using it to create social experiences that foster positively impactful habits.
Find out more about what we are and how we do it from BBC Click’s Chris Fox here who visited us in December 2020.

Choose Your Game

Ai Nightmare

Delve into the shadows of a decades-old murder, shrouded in the secrets of a reclusive tech magnate. Armed with Hindsight, a groundbreaking system that uses recovered CCTV footage to reconstruct chilling crime scenes, and guided by Aya, your trusty AI companion, you’ll embark on a journey that will push your limits. But be careful, dark secrets await you at every turn. Will you crack the case or will it crack you?

Paw Patrol

Immerse yourself in the hit TV show as you play fun rescue missions alongside Ryder and your favorite four-legged friends. This interactive digital experience lasts 60 minutes with a short break in the middle for any young pups who need a breather. Can you sniff out the clues, solve the problems and lead your pack to mission success? Suitable for the whole family, ages 3 and up.

Squid Game

Can you survive all six challenges from the hit TV show Squid Game? Join your friends and become contenders in the extraordinary Netflix series that took the world by storm. You’ll be at the heart of the action in this atmospheric digital adventure that reacts to your movement and touch. Survive each challenge and advance through the 60-minute game, collecting rewards and climbing the leaderboard. Recommended for ages 16+.

Angry Birds

Take charge of the Angry Birds and slingshot them across the room to defeat the King Pig once and for all. This life-size digital version of the game responds to your body movement and touch, letting you fire your feathered friends through the air. Use your skill and judgment to defeat the Bad Piggies across over 50 levels of engaging gameplay. It’s ideal for adults or families with kids aged 5 and up.

Alien Aptitude Test

Aliens have invaded London and are now testing all humans to see who is worthy of sticking around. Can you survive the aptitude tests that examine your agility, teamwork, memory, and fortitude? Four challenges cover 60 minutes of immersive digital fun as you attempt to prove your worth and make the grade. Suitable for ages 8+.

Junior Bundle

Young ones will love testing their memory and dexterity in this exciting 30-minute session made up of two games. First, the Tip Tap Memory Challenge tests their teamwork and power of recall. Then it’s time to dash around collecting as many gold coins as possible in Temple of Coins Junior. The kids will love how the games in our extraordinary digital playground react to their movement and touch.  Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Shaun the Sheep: Championsheeps

Help Shaun and his friends to sporting glory in the Mossy Bottom Championsheeps! Work as a team in a series of fun-filled interactive games that react to how you move around the room. Will the sheep solve the puzzles and overcome the antics of the mischievous pigs? Whether they succeed is up to you. Flock to Immersive Gamebox and join the fun. Suitable for ages 5 and up.

James Bunny: Casino Tropicale

Agent Bunny, we’ve been expecting you. Accept the mission to stop Francisco Salamander from using this Caribbean casino as a front for his criminal activities. Take on the role of James Bunny as you work together with friends to find encoded playing cards and solve the puzzles. You’ll infiltrate the casino to save the world from slippery Salamander’s evil plan (hopefully!). Ideal for players aged 12+.

Psychedelic Mansion

Take part in a CIA training program designed to test your suitability for a career in international espionage. Face up to four challenges over one hour, completing as many interactive levels as you can. It’s colorful; it’s tricky. But above all, it’s awesome fun. Sign up for the Psychedelic Mansion today. Recommended for players aged 12+.

Temple of Coins

Dash around the temple collecting as many gold coins as you can. Use the power-ups but avoid the ghosts to improve your performance in this interactive masterpiece that lasts 30 minutes. Your movement around the room directly influences the digital game, making it a high-octane, exciting experience. Suitable for ages 8+

Word Fish

Fabulously fishy fun! It’s not easy to communicate underwater – which is why you always find fish in a school! Help our sea-dwelling friends expand their vocabulary and earn points along the way. Exploring the deep sea through action-packed games that stimulate the mind. Using the whole Gamebox as an interactive classroom, students will work together to spell, conjugate and swim around to collect the right words.

Ticket to Mars

Humanity needs your help to secure its colony on Mars. Tech billionaires behind the new civilization are relying on you to mine Elonium (named after Elon Musk) and solve challenges to make life on the red planet a success. Are you ready for blast-off? Only the best space travelers need apply for this out-of-this-world experience. Suitable for ages 8+.

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