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Franchise FAQs

What is the difference between an IGB concession and a franchise site?

Our concession business model is designed to bring 2-5 Gameboxes to an existing venue, for example a Family Entertainment Centre, a movie theater or a bowling venue. A franchise site is where a third party (a franchisee) opens their own Immersive Gamebox site, that is run in accordance with an agreed set of rules and procedures. We currently have opportunities for both models in major cities globally, with franchises only available outside the US.

What is an ideal partner for an IGB concession?

We are looking for operators of existing successful entertainment locations, with the resources and entrepreneurial embition to make the IGB concession a success. You will bring: a) The space and services for connection b) Staff to be trained in operating and optiminzing an IGB Concession c) A detailed knowledge of your customers and their journey, so we can best position the IGB for success

Who is an ideal partner for an IGB franchise?

We are looking for experienced operators of multi-site businesses, ideally those with experience as a Master franchisee or franchise developer for a brand in retail, hospitality or entertainment. Your experience does not necessarily need to be in location-based entertainment.

What investment is required for an Immersive Gamebox franchise unit?

You will need to be well-funded with the financial capability to launch and grow your Immersive Gamebox franchise. The up-front capital requirement will include a Franchise Fee of £40,000 and investment in the Technical Pack (hardware required to operate an Immersive Gamebox) of approximately £300,000, per unit. Other fees related to the ongoing operations of an Immersive Gamebox include game content, booking and payment platform and marketing. Exclusivity fees may be applicable for international markets and territories.

Is financial assistance available to purchase a franchise?

Direct financial assistance is not available from Immersive Gamebox. However, we are able to support third-party applications (via banks and other lenders) in your territory

Can I have more than one location/one area/one territory?

Definitely. We are particularly keen to speak to partners who wish to develop multiple Immersive Gamebox units. For international markets and territories, we are seeking Master Franchisees with associated development agreements.

If I am interested in a specific location or market, how can I find out what is available?

Jump to the ‘Apply Now’ section of this site and let us know! You can give us further details on what location or market interests you and we’ll take confirm availability when we dicusss the opportunity with you.

What is the typical size of an Immersive Gamebox unit or concession?

Immersive Gamebox fits in compact 3,000-4,000 square feet (280-370 square metres) retail units. IGB Concessions are typically 4 to 5 Gameboxes in size, which requires 40-70 sq. m (450-750 sq ft.)

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