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Immersive Group Gaming

Love  a sneak preview?

We’ll have we got the offer of a lifetime!

We are constantly building new games and need your help to make sure they are as enjoyable (and functional) as possible. Be the first to try out our latest adventures and give us your feedback. Our games will be in different stages of development, so be kind and expect that some things won’t be completely ready yet!

How does it work?

  1. We have setup some special testing Gameboxes in our venues with our beta-released games
  2. Pick a venue below and see if we have testing slots available, pick your day, time and let us know who’s coming and we will have an unreleased game ready for you to play…
  3. You will enter the Gamebox as normal and try our games in various stages of development. It is usually better if you have played with us before so you understand the basics on how a Gamebox works
  4. We will sometimes ask you questions on the day to get a sense of how the game was and what you think is needed to make it better
  5. We will then follow up with a simple questionnaire to get some more detailed feedback from you


To sweeten the deal, once you have completed the questionnaire, we will gift you a code for a free game for up to 6 players.

Book a slot - London Southbank


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