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Immersive Group Gaming

Immersive Gamebox seeks to bring people together through shared play and a mission to make screen time social again. In an age when technology can be used to drive people apart, Immersive Gamebox aspires to use technology to bring people together by creating an entirely digital entertainment platform which is socially interactive. We create immersive digital adventures to share with friends and family and we aim to build the platform for immersive entertainment.

The Delivery


Immersive Gamebox has developed revolutionary Gameboxes which are the platform for a completely new genre of group entertainment. The Gameboxes feature a range of technologies including projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking and surround sound to deliver a hyper-immersive experience with no need for headsets (merely a visor).



Teams of between 2 and 6 per Gamebox are put through a series of interactive games within an adventure lasting 30-60 minutes that can only be completed through collaborating with their teammates and which challenge people to use a variety of skills including communication, general knowledge, pattern identification and coordination.

The Technology


The set-up of the technology is completely proprietary to Immersive Gamebox and one which has been developed and refined since the company’s inception in 2018. The individual elements which create the Gamebox experience have a multitude of more ‘everyday’ use cases in other businesses – for example in schools and university lecture halls in the case of our projectors. However the magic happens when each element is blended together to create the immersive gameplay customers can expect from Immersive Gamebox.


The link between motion tracking – which is led by sensors attached to the visor – and touchscreen – which is possible utilising LiDAR technology – means that customers can interact with the game on all four walls of the Gamebox through their movement around the room and their interaction with the walls themselves by way of touch.



This innovative use of technology is the key differentiating factor between Immersive Gamebox and VR experiences where – due to the need to deprive your senses of what is actually happening around you to immerse yourself in VR – you lose the opportunity to connect and enjoy the same experience as your friends or family. By the Gamebox itself becoming the immersive space, and by the Adventures being set up as team challenges or battles, customers must continually interact with their teammates at Immersive Gamebox and so experience the Adventure together.