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Immersive Group Gaming

In the latest Immersive Gamebox adventure, you and your flock are invited to join Shaun the Sheep for the Mossy Bottom farm sports day challenge. Using the latest in motion tracking and touchscreens, your little ones will feel like they’ve stepped onto the farm with Shaun and his friends to take part in a series of games.

Ideal for 5-10 year olds, but fun for the whole family.


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What to expect from Immersive Gamebox

Using cutting edge motion tracking, touch screens, and immersive projection, playing in a Gamebox feels like you’ve stepped into a video game (without needing any bulky headsets).



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Shaun the Sheep: Championsheeps


You’ve been invited to take part in the next Mossy Bottom Championsheeps event! Join Shaun and the flock in a series of interactive games inspired by sporting events around the farm, and work as a team to win.

Fun for ages 5 to 95!

What you and the flock will be getting up to


Bogstroke: Get ready for Mossy Bottom’s well-renowned swimming event. Retrieve the apples from the pond, and watch out for the pigs!


Baah-Bell Weightlifting: It’s time for the weightlifting event! Put your minds to the test to figure out the correct weights for each round.


Sheeping Track: The flock need to form teams for the relay event, but keeping track of their teammates has become a bigger challenge than expected!


Sheepy Uppy: The flock have come across some old trampolines for the acrobatics event, but everyone wants to have a go at once! Move the trampoline side to side to keep everyone from falling.