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More fun than mini-golf…
trust me!


Book something this year that will really get people talking on Monday morning. Immersive Gamebox is a futuristic, interactive gaming experience (but don’t worry, you won’t need to wear those gross, sweaty VR goggles. Ew.). As you and your team move around the Gamebox, the game responds, turning each wall into a giant screen that you can activate through motion and touch which will transport the whole crew inside a video game. Even Karen from Finance will have something good to say 😉


Our Gameboxes host 2 – 6 people to work together as a team to win. You can book just one Gamebox or rent out the whole venue. Check out our flexible packages below to find what’s right for you.
Whether you’re celebrating something special or just looking for a fab group night, you’ll have the most high tech party at Immersive Gamebox.

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